Content Management Business Analyst (Dutch Bank)

This contracting position at a large Dutch Bank is now available for everybody registered at EIM-campus .

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Within the BANK a Data Product Management department has been created to manage the planning and delivery of data management capabilities to the organisation. In this respect, Data Product Management is responsible for all aspects of the data product lifecycle including demand management, requirements gathering, business case derivation, product scoping and feasibility, roadmap and delivery management, as well as where appropriate, product evangelising.

Within the Data Management department, a Data Portfolio Management function has been established with responsibility for aligning roadmaps and delivery schedules across the data product domains as well as coordinating adoption across Countries and Business Units, associated dependency, risk and impediment management. Additionally, a Product Management function has been established with responsibility for product scoping and feasibility, roadmap and delivery management, as well as where appropriate, product evangelising.

Content Management is one of the workstreams within BANK. It has the ambition of bringing all unstructured content under governance and building a global view on unstructured content within BANK. For that capabiltities are built to manage and access content in diverse repositories and countries making unstructured content available to business processes that need it. Global KYC is the first major initiative that will make use of these capabilities.

BANK is looking to recruit 1 Business Analyst for the Content Management workstream, reporting into the Product Owner of the DIaaS Squad within the Product Management function. The Business Analyst will engage in a Squad in a Tribe. The Business Analyst will be responsible for building out and delivering the business requirements Content Management solutions and business processes, defining global reference data like a global business classification schema. The business works with the product manager to define and document content management requirements and governance processes, works with the squads defining the functional requirements of global capabilities and works with the Global KYC teams to gather and document the business requirements. The Business Analyst will apply and align with Global Data Management’s principles, standards and good practices.


  • Delivering and maintaining the business requirements, processes and constraints at a global level, aligned with domains in line with expected standards and timelines
  • Work with the product manager building a community of stakeholders; delivery, consuming and governing stakeholders (enterprise architecture, legal, risk and compliance)
  • Design and maintain global reference data for unstructured content & metadata, delivering and maintaining a global business classification schema.
  • Design KYC classification scheme, in cooperation with the KYC programme
  • Analysis of country content repositories and metadata models and mapping them to global capabilities and metadata model
  • Work with the product manager to ‘Spread the Word’ of global content services, educating the organisation about implementing compliant content management solutions and the global capabilities
  • Functional design and document the global capabilities, working with the squads creating capabilities that meet the requirements
  • Advise consuming parties about usage and implementation of content services and compliant content management in general
  • Responsible for documenting Content Management related components such as requirements, processes and scope for both the change initiative and the target state operating model as well as providing inputs into other documents such as GDM wide milestones or status updates 

Key Characteristics

  • Experience in the area of Enterprise Content Management, Records Management , Workflow Management
  • Preferably experience in the financial sector in general and KYC processes in particular
  • Understanding of relevant laws and regulations concerning record retention in the financial sector
  • IT-savvy, understands architectures, services, API, event bus
  • Focus on implementing the global strategy for content management, but finding pragmatic solutions when necessary
  • Knowledge of Data Management – Content Management
  • Sound understanding of how typical financial services functions and processes use unstructured content.
  • Consulting mindset including an ability to think about Content Management solutions in a way that is abstracted from how technology is implemented
  • Design thinking that shows the connection between Content Management and business benefit and value
  • Effective communication of business requirement with technical team members
  • Results oriented with an ability to find ways of solving or pre-empting problems
  • Excellent (English) verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical thinking, able to work under pressure, capable to meet certain deadlines;
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely: strong, clear communicator across departments;
  • Team player with ambition and energy, decisiveness and discipline;
  • Passion for delivery and customer satisfaction with an enthusiastic, “get-it-done” attitude and ability to see the big picture.